Welcome to sibarflex.com

Sibarflex is a company for converting abrasive materials. The company has two production plants, one in Serbia in Davidovac near Vranje, and the other in Republika Srpska (BiH), in Aleksandrovac near Banja Luka.

Our two production plants offer the region a wide range of market products for professionals and amateurs who are engaged in different activities.

gama proizvoda

Our main offer is:

  • the production of narrow and wide abrasive belts on paper and cloth backing in all grit for all phases of grinding,
  • waterproof sanding paper (A4 format) for car varnishing,
  • small belts for hobby machines, abrasive discs on paper backing and on cloth backing,
  • abrasive belts and screens for parquet grinding in 407mm,
  • rolls of corund-paper for retail,
  • flap wheels and shaft mounted flap wheels,
  • grinding rings etc..


Our professional equipment for converting abrasive materials and use of quality industrial materials, allows Sibarflex to meet the requirements of users in the various branches of industry

  • wood-manufacturing,
  • metal industry,
  • glass industry,
  • the production of footwear and
  • workshops for tanning leather.